Board Of Directors

As the elected governing body, the Board of Directors have the responsibility of sustaining and ensuring the development of the Temple. The primary functions of the governing body relate to both spiritual and fiduciary goals and include establishing objectives and policies and monitoring financial resources.

Board Of Directors
Judith Fujimoto2016-2018
Kiyoshi Katsumoto2016-2018
Emiko Katsumoto2016-2018
Millie Nikaidoh2016-2018
Lucy Hamai2016-2018
Art Nishimura2016-2018
Russell Ware2016-2018
Patty Fujiwara2017-2019
Don Hamasaki2017-2019
Ron Hiraga2017-2019
Denise Lapidus2017-2019
Takashi Nikaidoh2017-2019
Gary Oda2017-2019
Tara Umemoto2017-2019
Judy Kono2018-2020
Bradley Menda2018-2020
Emi Nakao2018-2020
Wayne Sugihara2018-2020
Karen Sugiyama2018-2020
David Ushijima2018-2020
George Yin2018-2020
Supervising MinisterRev. Kiyonobu Kuwahara
PresidentBradley Menda
1st Vice-Presidents (Religious)Edythe Vassal
2nd Vice-President (Social)Lena Yin
3rd Vice-Presidents (Membership)Mimi Kagehiro
Recording SecretaryKaren Sugiyama
TreasurerKiyoshi Katsumoto
TreasurerTakashi Nikaidoh
FinanceEric Lindquist

Monthly Board Meetings

Second Tuesday each month
Old Temple, 7:00pm

Minutes are available in the Temple office following approval.
Abridged minutes can be read in the Temple newsletter.