Berkeley Buddhist Women's Association

The BBWA is caringly thought of as the heart of the Temple. Their endeavors have been at the forefront of social and cultural activities for the Temple and community. They provide classes in personal and cultural enrichment and support studying the Dharma and the practice of Dana.
The BBWA's mission is to enrich the lives of temple members while awakening their appreciation and joy of Amida's vow.

  • Promote spiritual growth and personal awareness through Buddhism.
  • Encourage participation by all Temple members in all activities, by subsidizing attendance to seminars, conferences, workshops, etc., and providing transportation as needed.
  • Assist our senior members through outreach and caring for those in need, suffering, or lonely.
  • Create a bond among all Temple members for a harmonious environment.

Co-PresidentsCaroline F, Yuki O

Everyone is invited to join in support of their objectives.

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BBWA Centennial: Sunday, September 28, 2014