Hiroshi Kashiwagi will be reading from his three books, including his most recently published book of poems, at the BCA bookstore, Jodo Shinshu Center in Berkeley, Saturday, March 6, 1:30 pm. He won the American Book Award from the Before Columbus Foundation for his book of memoirs, "Swimming in the American".

Swimming in the American   Swimming in the American:
A Memoir and Selected Writings Winner of the American Book Award 2005 by the Before Columbus Foundation, this is a collection of vignettes highlighting his life from his birth in 1922, the Great Depression era, World War II and the camps, his marriage and family, to the present. It also includes some of his poetry and a play.

Shoe Box Plays
This is a collection of Mr. Kashiwagi's original plays, all of which have been produced on stage through the years. They are deeply reflective of his life and of ours, moving, sensitive and insightful. His play, The Betrayed, is being produced on stage in Los Angeles by The Grateful Crane Ensemble and the Japanese American National Museum, Feb. 27- 28, 2010.
  Shoe Box Plays

Ocean Beach   Ocean Beach
In addition to his memoirs and plays, Mr. Kashiwagi wrote poetry expressing his experiences, observations, and fleeting "in the moment" instances of humor, beauty, and everyday life.

BBT was privileged to have Mr. Kashiwagi for a reading and book signing in Oct of 2008.
The BCA Bookstore event is an opportunity to hear more about the author's life and writings.

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