We, the members of the Berkeley Buddhist Temple, join as one to express our deep sadness over the loss of many lives and the destruction of homes, towns and livelihoods caused by the terrible earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster in Japan.

Our thoughts of loving kindness and concern are directed to the people (children and adults, women and men, rich and poor) whose lives have been forever changed by natural disasters and tragedies in all countries and places in the world.

These tragedies remind us once again of the truth of impermanence- that even the ground and the seas will move and change in their time.

We are also reminded of the interdependence of all life-that we are but small participants in the great flow of life and that our lives and those of all others are so closely linked.

At this difficult time we entrust ourselves all the more to the boundless wisdom and compassion of Amida Buddha, and as we do, our heartfelt thoughts of sympathy and acts of compassion reach out unconditionally to all the victims of disasters regardless of where they may be.

March 13, 2011

Namu Amida Butsu

Japan Relief
Thank you very much for your contribution to this important relief effort.