What is eScrip?
eScrip is a community fundraising program that allows participating merchants such as Safeway and a variety of other merchants, to contribute a percentage of your grocery loyalty card, and debit card purchases to the school or organization of your choice.

How do I register?
Go to eScrip Supporter Registration and enter our group name "Berkeley Buddhist Temple" or group ID #155954856. Follow the 4 easy steps.

There is no limit to the number of cards you can register. You can support up to 3 different organizations.

Don't have a Safeway club card?
Go to to print out an application and submit at your local Safeway store.

Need help with registration? »

Many thanks to those participating in the eScrip program which benefits the Berkeley Buddhist Temple. For those who haven't yet done so or would like to register, it's easy, safe and doesn't cost you anything. eScrip will contribute from 1-12% of your purchases to the BBT.

Hopefully, you have already renewed your commitment to the Safeway/eScrip program. You must do this yearly (by November 1) so your purchases at Safeway continue to benefit the BBT. You can still renew after this date, but purchases will only count from the date you renew.

Please note that starting on November 1, 2013, purchases at Safeway will only count towards eScrip if you pay for your groceries by using a debit or gift card, cash or check. Purchases made with a credit card will no longer count towards eScrip contributions.

eScrip will also contribute money to the BBT if you eat out at participating restaurants, such as Pican or Ozumo in Oakland, La Note or Troy Greek Cuisine in Berkeley and many more or do online shopping at businesses such as Nordstrom, Amazon, REI, Crate & Barrel, Target, etc. All you need to do is register the credit cards you would use at these establishments at It's safe and secure.

For the online shopping to count towards contributions to the Temple, you must use the Online Mall at Some of these establishments will contribute up to 12% of your purchases to the Temple. What a wonderful way to earn extra money for the BBT.

Even if you contribute to another group, you can include the BBT since you can designate up to three groups to receive your eScrip contributions. If you have any questions or need any help, please feel free to call Maya Murashima Yonemura (510-841-1356) or email me at (

Maya Murashima Yonemura