World renowned and critically acclaimed performers Kenny Endo, June Kuramoto and Kimo Cornwell will headline the entertainment at the 62nd annual Satsuki Bazaar & Arts Festival the weekend of May 21-22.

Kenny Endo Kenny Endo is one of the leading personas in contemporary percussion and rhythm. He is the vanguard of the taiko genre, continuing to pave new paths in this Japanese-style drumming after more than 30 years as a taiko player. Endo, a performer, composer and teacher, has been honored with numerous awards and accolades.


June Kuramoto is an internationally celebrated kotoist, the artistic driving force of the jazz group Hiroshima. She has received all the classical degrees of koto and epitomizes America's evolving art and music culture. She has performed with some of the greatest musicians in the classical world from Japanese masters to Ravi Shankar.

Kimo Cornwell is an accomplished keyboard player and has toured with Cheryl Lynn, Ronnie Laws, Al Jarreau, Frankie Beverly and Maze. Working in the capacity of keyboardist, composer, arranger and producer, he has become part of Hiroshima's heart and soul. more …