As part of his 40th Anniversary Celebration Tour, taiko master Kenny Endo is returning to headline the entertainment at the 67th annual Satsuki Bazaar and Arts Festival on Sunday, May 22.

Kenny Endo Kenny Endo is at the vanguard of the taiko genre, continually paving new paths for this Japanese style of drumming. A performer, composer, and teacher of taiko with numerous awards and accolades, Kenny Endo is a consummate artist, blending Japanese taiko with rhythms influenced from around the world into original melodies and improvisation.
Originally trained as a jazz musician in the Asian American cultural renaissance of 1970s California, Endo began his taiko career first with L.A.'s groundbreaking Kinnara Taiko, then with the renowned San Francisco Taiko Dojo, the first kumi daiko (ensemble drumming) group outside of Japan. In 1980, he embarked on a decade-long odyssey in his ancestral Japan, studying and performing with the masters of classical drumming, traditional Tokyo festival music, and ensemble drumming. Endo has the honor of being the first non-Japanese national to have received a natori (stage name and masters license) in hogaku hayashi (classical drumming). In the hogaku world, Endo is known as Mochizuki Tajiro.

Endo celebrates his 40th year of taiko drumming in the 2015-2016 season with two U.S. tours.
Endo will perform with an emsemble of renowned musicians: Hiroshi Tanaka, Mas Koga, Eien Ishikawa-Hunter, Noriko Tsuboi Nusthit

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